Finesse Beauty 

Branding design

Finesse by Aleezay Afghan is an organic skincare brand. The project was divided into two phases.

1. Branding

2. Web and Mobile Design.


The objective was to achieve a sophisticated design to showcase their premium products which included Body and Skincare oils and lotions. 

One of the Key requirements of Design was to showcase their products as clean and as beautiful as possible.  We started off with analysing competitors. Aftermarket study the first element of the project was Identity Design. We decided to go for a more clean and classic typeface with extended stems to give a luxurious feel.


The product price range was in $$$ three digits. The biggest concern they had was about the feel. Their product was already selling well but due to the old packaging style, they were unable to penetrate the Elite and Working-class.

1. Branding re-design. 

2. Bottle and Tube Designs for Finesse new Oil Essentials. 

3. Place order using Finesse own app. Creating the end to end solution from Product intro to purchase.  

4. Order tracking by generating warehouse ticket. 

5. Central calendar repository for product warehouses to monitor stock and updates.

6. Abandoned Carts.  

So why would companies want to reach women in search of beauty products through a direct channel as opposed to a retail environment?


While selling beauty products via direct channels makes your product available to a larger audience, it does present some hurdles. One of the cosmetics industry’s biggest challenges to selling beauty products via direct channels is overcoming consumer reluctance to purchase fragrances they can’t smell, or lotions they can’t see firsthand.

APP Design

Finesse’s target audience is a very premium niche market women between 28-48 who can afford high-end products. The main client demand was quick to purchase. The brand had 4 main product line up with 3 further variations in each.

1. On-Boarding was the intro for the products.

2. Simple Sign up and sign in. You can enter your email for sign up and complete profile later.

3. We started with Lotions, Creams, and Body Oils. 2x2 grids with full-screen modals for quick option selections and checkout.

4. The order tracking feature was designed following the iconic app. Case studies included Zara, Iconic. 

The prime focus was on the Product and Brand Language. After the branding and a final developed concept, we moved into Customer Journey Mapping and User Flow which was essential for app Architecture. 

The final User Flow and mapping are below along with final screens and interface. 

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