Jom Grocer

grocery app

Jom Mart is an e-Commerce Grocery App that provides the best user experience to make shopping much more rewarding. The App provides exclusive offers to its users with a variety of products available. Jom Mart also guarantees the lowest prices to its customers with special coupons to redeem. Users can create their profile to place an order and then track their order from the Order Tracking section. The App also allows the user to reorder a list of their items with a quick ‘Reorder’ button.


1. Create search categories with detailed labels. 

2. The user should be able to track the order. 

3. The user should be able to search using barcode. 

4. The Admin should be able to use the barcode to locate items. 

5. Create a product inventory for the admin dashboard and a timer should prompt the admin if the goods are in shortage. 

Admin Dashboard
  • User can also track their order from the Order Tracking session. Once the order is delivered, the user can rate the order

  • The app also allows user to mark products as favourite which they can then view from ‘Favorite’ section

  • There is also functionality for Barcode scanning where user can scan a barcode for an item to check its availability 

  • Admin can manage customers and edit their details

  • Admin also accepts the order and changes the status for each order once it gets delivered

  • The details of all products along with the inventory are also managed from the admin panel

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