" what are we going to do with all this actionable health information"?

Featured in Forbes top 53 women-led health tech startups 2019.

Playpal, Inc.


The health of an individual, a collective community, a burgeoning nation and the world itself is the most precious asset essential for each of these entities' respective progress and prosperity. Healthy individuals live a happy life, are more productive, and contribute more to their family and societies.

Playpal aims to provide access to “better and proactive health” An individual with access to Smartphone can use and interact and enjoy the benefits of the platform. 

Glootie apps and HYFA Tech joined heads together to build Playpal's concept, ideation and MVP. We were able to Design the product to be a platform that integrates seamlessly with multiple IoT devices including Apple Watch, Fitbit Trackers and Fitbit Versa. 


The process included market research, case studies, User Personas, rapid prototypes (not one but three). We also build the www.goplaypal.com website to have a user sign up using the web.


1. User Flows

2. User Journey Maps

3. Rapid Prototypes

4. MVP

5. iOS App for Production Launch out in August. 

6. Server deployment

7. Smart User Key ID

8. Secure Cloud Databases. 

9. Pen testing 

10. Cloud Computing. 


1. Consolidate Health Dashboard

2. Activity Tracking and Adding a score 

3. Nutritional Journal Display and inputs. 

4. HIECOH Score (Health Indicator)

5. Calories in vs Calories Out Display and function. 

6. Rewarding user for improved behaviour. 

User personas

Playpal, Inc.

and platform

Playpal aims that a health-score should be comprehensive enough to qualify at the institutional level (i.e. hospitals, insurance companies, government bodies etc),  in addition to being tailored to one's unique individual needs. And that is exactly the purpose of our HIECOH Score, which uses scientific and mathematical methods validated by our Team of Doctors and PhDs. An individual's HIECOH Score is based on his/her unique health profile, which is an interactive & comprehensive display of

1) gene data,

2) family history,

3) medical History,

4) basic personal information,

5) race & ethnicity, and

6) geo-location to assess the pollution levels, humidity levels, temperature, climate, and weather surrounding the individual. In addition to this, the Playpal Health Profile displays a consolidated form of the user’s health rewards, connected apps & devices, the health capital curve, and the health key.


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